5. Trust with guest Rachael McGrath

Season #1

In this episode Rachael McGrath joins me in a conversation about finding joy - especially when things are hard.

Rachael is truly an artist in trusting the next step even when that's the only step she can see, and trusting that the next steps will reveal themselves. In this episode, she teaches us how to do that.

Joy is a practice and in this episode, we talk about finding joy in the mundane, especially when things aren't going well. The catalyst to joy is often the hardest moment. 

You will leave feeling inspired and ready to take the next step, even if that's all you can see.

We also talk about 

  • What it means when you feel like you have to take a break
  • How Rachael found remission for two autoimmune disorders 
  • Finding balance
  • The healing power of nature
  • Being present 
  • Nutrition as medicine

Rachael is a functional medicine certified health coach and the owner of Cilantro Road Lifestyle Medicine with Rachael McGrath.  You can find her on Instagram and Facebook


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