$500.00 USD

Your results in this course are directly linked to your effort. You will learn how to impact your home, changing the flow and energy, and be offered co-working calls but ultimately, your results will come down to you. 

Brenda Winkle and Brenda Winkle Empowerment, LLC are not responsible for your results. You are responsible for putting the suggestions into place. There is no substitute for your own good judgment.

During the co-working sessions, Brenda will suggest ways to improve the energy around you but ultimately, it will be up to you to complete the transformation. Brenda Winkle is not responsible for how you spend your time, or for any household items you donate, discard, or purchase. You are a sovereign being with choice and are always your own highest authority.

Brenda Winkle is an advanced trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, energy healer, and somatic coaching-in-training. She is not a doctor or therapist and does not offer any professional medical or mental health care.  Before any breathwork, it is recommended you consult your provider.

Inviting Your Yes - Full Payment with bonus 1:1 session

"Inviting Your Yes" will support you in using energy work to create a life and home you love.

You'll have access to 4 recorded modules AND 4 live content/breathwork/coworking calls.

We'll be live on 5 Thursdays from 1 - 3 pm PT November 30 - December 21 (no call on American Thanksgiving)