$300.00 USD

Brenda is an Advanced trauma-informed Breathwork facilitator, Somatic Coach, a Reiki Master Therapist, Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, and an intuitive energy healer.
Brenda is not a therapist, counselor or doctor and does not give any professional medical or mental health advice. 
You are responsible for seeking professional medical and mental health advice from your medical and mental health practitioners. 
You will see results from a single session but lasting transformations take time. It is recommended to consider a minimum of 4 sessions. For the best value and lasting transformation, you might consider https://www.brendawinkle.com/healing
This is a live experience. There are no replays or recordings available. 
Because this is a live experience there are no refunds once you have held your session. A refund minus processing fees of 6% can be offered if you change your mind before your session. 

To submit questions regarding this release please email [email protected]

Single Healing Session for Non-retainer Clients

Single Private 1:1 Healing Session 

What you'll get:

  • One Single private 60-minute session with up to 15 minutes of voxer/email/text after support 
  • This healing session may include
    • breathwork
    • somatic coaching
    • ThetaHealing® Meditation Technique
    • Clendinning Technique
    • Reiki or

Intuitive healing. Brenda will let your body and spirit guide the session to make this decision. You can request a specific modality if you prefer.

  • Healing of mind, body, spirit, and soul on the history, genetic, spiritual and physical levels
  • Find your way to the real you


You'll be given a link to schedule upon purchase.


  • Here's what you'll receive when you sign up for Brenda's Healing Package:

    1. Healing onboarding survey to share your goals, challenges, and story so that Brenda can customize a white glove healing program for you that fits your needs.

    2. 1 healing session. You and Brenda will collaborate each session in setting the intention for the session.  Brenda will use her expertise and skill to guide you and help you release any emotional, spiritual or physical blockages that are holding you back. 


    Investing in Healing is an investment in yourself. You deserve to live a life that is happy, healthy, and fulfilling. Let Brenda guide you toward the healing and transformation you've been seeking.

You'll be able to schedule your session upon purchase. 


Using breathwork, energy healing, and somatic coaching I'll support you to:


  • Release trauma and emotions stuck in the body
  • Restore and strengthen your inner knowing/intuition
  • Gain clarity around your life, relationships, and career
  • Let go of anything that isn't yours - beliefs from other people or patterns that have been passed down through generations or lifetimes
  • Set better boundaries
  • Heal your inner child(ren)
  • Reset and heal your nervous system
  • Reconnect with your soul's purpose
  • Heal any issues caused from past lives that are showing up in your present
  • Release any attachments or entities that are blocking you