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Energetic Mastery Retreat for Empathic Entrepreneurs


  • Imagine knowing how to stop taking on energy and emotions that aren't yours... without locking yourself alone in your room.


  • Imagine understanding how to impact your environment so that can feel aligned and sovereign no matter where you are so you feel less depleted by busy event, large crowds, or emotional people.


  • Imagine knowing how to generate energy within yourself so you can stop feeling so depleted after being around people?¬†


  • Imagine being able to trust that the emotions you feel are in fact yours, and that you aren't mistaking someone else's emotions for your own (mirroring or subconscious empathy).

Less than 10% of the population is estimated to have the empathic abilities you have based on a 2022 study.


And up to now, you've mostly figured out how to navigate this on your own through trial and error, right? As an empathic entrepreneur you face unique challenges because you feel EVERYTHING: your feelings, your team's feelings, your client's feelings, and the energy around you. 


It's felt lonely, isolating, exhausting and often painful.


You know you have something special to offer the world, but lately, your deep empathy has made this feel hard. You either turned to people pleasing simply for relief OR self-isolated so you didn't have to feel it all.


You've done the inner work. Gone to therapy and invested heavily in yourself. And you're very good at what you do. You've enjoyed success. You KNOW people will benefit from what you have to offer.


But you sometimes feel like it all comes with a cost of your inner peace and you are ready for that to change.


You want to be known like you know others. You want to be around people who also have empathic abilities so that some of your needs and desires can be anticipated. And you really want to stop being on guard all the time, worried about how you'll protect your energy and your business. 


Sound like you?? Then this is for you!! 



Energetic Mastery Retreat


for Empathic Entrepreneurs 



This retreat will empower you to elevate your empathic abilities to a new level of mastery, enabling you to effectively harness and manage your innate power, so you can .....

  • Increase your income and impact AND
  • Amplify your agency and sovereignty so you can create the life YOU truly desire without the guilt
  • ¬†Use your empathic abilities to fuel you by supporting you in more deeply connecting to yourself, to others, and to Source

 Your empathy can become your superpower and the key to the changes you want to make in your life.  

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You'll learn my POWER method developed especially for empaths.

P: Presence - Your aura (energy field) size matters. Learn why and how to expand and compress your energy.

O: Optimize - Optimize your space for energy richness. Discover how setting up your environment impacts abundance and health. Learn how you can shift any environment anywhere to support you. 

W: Wisdom - Harness your energy through generative practices. Learn and take home energy expansion techniques. Learn how to stop taking on energy and emotion that isn’t yours. 

E: Evaluate - Diagnose energy issues. Learn to discern and address energetic problems in your space and life and how to make adjustments. 

R: Renew - Empowerment and inspiration. Discover the energetic buffer which not only means you take on less from other people, but you keep more of your own energy. You’ll be ready to take on the world with renewed energy and confidence.


This exclusive retreat is designed specifically for intuitive, empathic, sensitive and successful women who are ready to step into their power, refine their energy, and achieve unparalleled levels of fulfillment and success.


All this (and more) is possible for you at this exclusive intimate Energetic Mastery Retreat with a maximum of 6 attendees.


Join me for 5 powerful days at the Energetic Mastery Retreat in a beautiful luxury AirBnB in the Portland, Oregon area (Beaverton).


Step into the most confident and empowered version of yourself


~Your lodging (double occupancy with your own bed) - $1500 value

~30-minute private session with Brenda - $150 value

~Daily Breathwork - $250 value

~All workshops and sessions that include hot seats - $5000 value

~Cacao Ceremony - $90 value

~Time to recharge and renew - priceless

~All meals (dinner 9/24, all meals 9/25-27, breakfast 9/28) $700 value

~Transportation from PDX at 3:30 pm 9/24 and to PDX at 10 am 9/28 - $150 value

***You are responsible for getting yourself to and from PDX and for any places you want to go during the retreat.

***Transportation will be provided for all organized outings.


I really loved learning something new to me; being with you, Jill, and Tiara in person; being able to enjoy being my true self; getting to set down responsibilities with other roles I have and enjoy doing things just for me! 

I feel more peaceful, for sure. I’m also more aware of what is NOT peaceful, and feel like I have some strategies for that as well.

THANK YOU!! You can tell when you’re having a thoughtfully curated experience, and that’s what it felt like the thread was throughout the week… every experience was so thoughtfully chosen!

~Stephanie (far right)


I feel more in touch and in tune with others and their energy. I know how to help others get through some of the healing they need. I feel more confident.

I really enjoy the sisterhood, the camaraderie and hearing other people ask questions I may not have thought to ask. 

I loved the retreat!!

~Tiara (far left)



I came to the retreat to gather with like minded people and to put the principles of energy work into practice. My favorite part was being with the women and being able to lift each other up. There's no competeition, no judgement. We all just want to help. It's real! It's not fake. It's real, raw emotion and love. 

I know myself so much better. I've always known who I am deep down, but to let myself be myself has been so good. I realized I've been closed off. Now I can be me with no apologies!

It's mind-blowing how great I feel and I can't wait to share this with my sound-healing and reiki clients!

~Jill (Center)


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For 5 days we will focus on the POWER Framework for empaths so that you know how to  honor your deep empathy, sensitive, and intuition without letting it take over your business. 


This work will have a profound impact on your daily life, impact, revenue, and relationships. 


You'll be able to create the impact and income you desire.

1. Beautiful Accommodations

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and elegance in our meticulously curated AirBnB. Each room is a sanctuary of peace, offering top-tier amenities to ensure your stay is as relaxing as it is transformative. (double occupancy with your own bed)

*limited upgrades to single occupancy are available

2. Healthy Cuisine

Savor nourishing and delicious health-conscious meals prepared by our private chef. Using the freshest local ingredients, every dish is crafted to nourish your body and delight your senses, energizing you throughout the retreat.

3. Expert-Led Sessions

Benefit from the wisdom of Brenda Winkle, master energy healer (Reiki Master, Advanced ThetaHealing¬ģ Practitioner and Advanced Clendinning Technique Practitioner), a certified advanced trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator and Somatic Coach. Through guided meditations, breathwork, and inner child healings, and somatic healing sessions, Brenda will lead you on a path to energetic mastery.

4. Personalized Healing

Receive individualized attention with hot seat coaching sessions designed to address your unique needs. Whether you're looking to overcome specific challenges or simply deepen your understanding of your own energy, this tailored approach ensures profound personal growth.


6. Connection and Community

Connect with like-minded women who share your drive and commitment to personal growth. The retreat offers a supportive environment where lifelong friendships and networks can flourish.

7. Nature and Relaxation

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Portland and Beaverton’s natural landscapes. Enjoy daily opportunities for outdoor activities such as games in the yard building community, easy guided hikes, forest bathing, and mindful nature walks, all designed to enhance your retreat experience.

8. Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony

Set powerful intentions for the next chapter of your life.

9. Private session with Brenda

Enjoy the 1:1 support and guidance you crave where you can get personalized guidance and energy healing

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 Join me for 5 powerful days at the Energetic Mastery Retreat in a beautiful luxury AirBnB in the Portland, Oregon metro area.


Let's make your life something to brag about.

Hi! I'm Brenda Winkle.

I help you say yes to the things that light you up and no to the things that don't by blending the science of breathwork and somatic coaching with intuitive energy healing.


I guide sensitive, intuitive, and successful women towards self-actualization and personal empowerment by supporting them to heal their nervous system, set better boundaries, and understand energy so they say yes to the things that light them up and no to the things that don’t.


I’m one of very few healers and coaches with the knowledge, training and skill set to successfully blend the science of breathwork and somatic healing with of energy healing and spirituality. The result is a life-changing combination of intuitive access, increased nervous system capacity to stop people-pleasing, and a feeling of fulfillment.


I am the creator and host of the Yes Filled Life Podcast, a podcast globally rated in the top 5% of all podcasts.